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Optometry practical solution streamline workflow and boost productivity

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FeaturesThe features of ECS

Easy Clinical Procedures

Data of all clinical procedures as related to eye test…

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Email Synchronization

Emails are managed directly from the application… you can view…

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Appointment Reminder

The software also notifies patients 24 hrs earlier of their…

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Appointment Booking

Easiest appointment booking system. The application enable appointment to be…

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Appointment Calendar

This is an electronic calendar that displays all the appointment…

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Patient Medical Report

Electronic Medical Report is automatically generated and stored or printed…

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Three Major Export Format

The application enables you to export data in Microsoft Excel,…

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Dynamic Search

Easy retrieval of stored information compare to the stress of…

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Printable Records

All information can also be printed with ease, and every…

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Sales and Inventory

Sales of glasses and other clinic related items are made…

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HMO Management

Manage information of HMO's in partnership with the clinic. Patient…

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Patient Information

Biodata and Medical information of patients are captured and saved…

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Patient Visitation Tracking

Records of each visitation of patients are captured in the…

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Easy Invoice Generation

Every transaction; treatment of the Eye, sales of Glasses and…

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Automatic Database Backup

All your clinic information can now be easily backed up/restore…

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Different User Login

Application allows for different user login and privileges. Access to…

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Doctors Prescription to patient can be captured, viewed and manage…

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Diagnosis Report

Diagnosis report either by the doctor of your clinic or…

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Credit Transaction

This module displays all the credit transactions. You can now…

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Debit Transaction

This module keeps and display records of patients that are…

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Audit Debit Transaction

Here you can view and manage record of changes that…

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Login Trail

This module made it easy for the administrator to view…

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Sales Report

Easy generation of sales report. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly…

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Send Invoice on Single Click

You can now send invoice for both credit and debit…

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Send smart messages to all patients or to patients who…

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ECS, Eye Clinic System is an indigenous and customizable online application. ECS is an optometry practice solution to manage patients, communication, inventory, billing, and POS etc. The software is designed to meet the need of modern Eye Clinics that will like to automate all clinical procedures, streamline workflow and boost efficiency. The application is also integrated with feature that intelligently sends SMS messages to patients, reminding them of their appointments with the doctor and send birthday greeting to patients… this is achieved without any user action.

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